Build your dream in a calm and natural environment, away from the noises of the city

If you love tranquility and enjoy a natural environment but do not want to be far from the city, Meritage is the ideal place for building your dream home, and comes with spectacular lots between 1.500mt2 up to 7.000mt2, which will have a green hedge perimeter fence and 24-hour surveillance cameras, also including an architectural proposal to build your house in style.


Offering spectacular lots with areas between 1.500mt2 to about 8.000mt2, Meritage offers the best of their land so you can build your dream surrounded by the tranquility of nature and away from the noise of the city.

These come equipped with a high security perimeter fence surrounded by green fences and 24-hour surveillance cameras, and an architectural proposal to build your house to Meritage style, where small streams are included on the plots,

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