Meritage is a project designed for people who always expect the best in order to break the boundaries of design and architecture of the region. There you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city.

This project, at just 15 minutes from the city will give you all the amenities you need to have a dream lifestyle where we fuse housing, commerce, and sports, surrounded by green walkways and a spectacular view of the majestic mountains emerging from eastern Antioquia. Here you will always take in fresh air thanks to its proximity to a large forest reserve.

The O

Within the pure air of the region, Ultra Wellness Center creates the only outdoor exercise trail in Colombia found in the forest reserve of Meritage. A track will offer three types of training: Cross-country, Functional Military, those which will be divided into 3.5km with 20 fitness work stations such as TRX, and finally Ultra Abdomen, with strength, balance, speed, coordination and dexterity areas. It will also come with land spotted with streams and waterfalls to hold relaxing classes such as yoga, pilates and more. Also we will have a system to measure your workout with timers and markers monitoring how you overcome personal challenges. Rope climbing, jogging, skip rocks from side to side, climb and move heavy objects, we will make your fitness routine a complete and new experience.


Created to break the boundaries of gym design in the city, Ultra Wellness Center was conceived under the philosophy of “fitness lifestyle” because when you exercise you improve your physical appearance as well as your health, your mood, and your self-esteem. At Meritage you can enjoy a wide open space dedicated to your health and well being. In an area of 2,400 m2 you will find an indoor space fully equipped with the best equipment room and terrace that sports a 3-lane semi-Olympic pool and outdoor hot tubs to complement your routine with a session of relaxation.


Equus has instructors certified by the FEI, horses selected for their gentleness and adequate infrastructure to provide first-level instruction. Its headquarters has been through more than a thousand students, among them are champion department riders, national and South American, including Olympic Colombian rider Daniel Bluman.


Care and training of sport horses, group or personalized instruction, advice on buying and selling horses, specialized horse transport.